Nephro-Uro Clinic

Dr. I R Ravish .

Dr. I R Ravish

Paper presentations :

1. MRU in clinical practice -USI 2005.

2. Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty in Infants-WeD -Mumbai.

3. Psychological Effects of Unwanted Childlessness in infertile males-8th international Congress of Andrology -Korea 2005-10-02.

4. Role of SST Biopsy of testis in male infertility-8th international Congress of Andrology -Korea 2005-10-02.

5. Laparoscopic Boari’s flap urethroneocystomy-16th annual Conference of the South Zone -Urological Society of India.

6. Laparoscopic partial nephrectomy-16th annual conference of the South Zone – U rological Society of India.

7. Antenatally diagnosed unilateral hydronephrosis – Podium USICON 2006.

8. Sperm retrieval using needle aspiration biopsy and HP correlate – Podium USICON 2006.

9. Mobile Lithotripsy our experience – Podium USICON 2006.

10. Laparoscopic adrenalectomy for large pheochromocytoma – Podium South Zone 2006.

11. Prospective randomized controlled trial comparing open and Lap.

12. Pyeloplasty in treatment of primary PUJ obstruction in children – Podium SZ 20063.

Papers Published (Indexed Journals) :

1. Laparoscopic dismembered Pyloplasty In children-Journal of Urology Aug 2005

2. Psychological effects of unwanted childlessness in infertile males-published in Medimod Pl.lblications (proceedings of 8th International Congress of Andrology-Korea J”une 12-162005).

3. Role of single seminiferous tubule (881″) biopsy of testis in male infertilityypublished in Medimod Pu.blications (proceedings of 8th International Congress of Andrology Medimond – Korea, June 12-16 2005).

4. Role of needle aspiration biopsy of testis in male infertility published in Medimod Publications (proceedings of 8th International Congress of Andrology Medimond – Korea, J-une12-16 2005).

5. Antenatally diagnosed unilateral hydronephrosis long term follows up – m Indian Journal of Urology Decenlber 2005.

6. Female assigned genetic rnale with severe hypospodiasis-psychosocial changes and psychosexual treatment – Indian Journal of Urology March 2006.

7. Finasteride to Evaluate the efficacy of Dustasteride in the Management of Patients with Lower Urina..ry Tract Symptoms and Enlarged Prostate `Archives of Andrology ,2007; 53, 17-20.

8. Severe Hy’}Jospadias with Micropenis case of Confused Sex, Psychosocial changes and Treatment – Archives of Andrology; 2007; 53, 9-12.

9. Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty in comparison to Open Pyeloplasty In children Journal of Endourology, 2007; 21 No.8, 896-900.

10. Laparoscopic Boad Flap reconstruction . A case report – Journal of Multidisplinary Health Care, Dovepress; New Zealand (Accepted for publication).

11. Cystoscopic Assisted Laparoscopic Partial Cystectomy – Journal of Endourology (Accepted for publication).

12. Laparoscopic Adrenalectomy for large Pheochromocytoma – British Journal of Urology, 2007; 100, 1126-1129.

13. Ureteroscopic Stone Management m Prepubertal Children – Pediatric Surgery International 2007;23: 1123-11264.

14. Posterior Urethral Injury in Male Children – Long Term Follow Up – Pediatric Urology 2008; 4: 154-159.

15. Laparoscopic Bladder (Boari)Flap Ureteroneocystostomy – Dove PresssJournal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare 2008:1, 16.

16. Genital Self-Mutilation in Nonpsychotic Heterosxual Males – Indian Journal of Psychiatry – Accepted for Publication.

17. Voiding Cystourethrogram In The Diagnosis Of Vesicoureteric Reflux In Children With Antenatally Diagnosed Hydronephrosis – Dove Press- Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare 2008 – Accepted for Publication.

18. Delayed Diagnosis of Disorders of Sexual Differentiation – Journal of Urology – In Review Status.

19. Complex Cloacal Anomaly in Discordant Monozygotic Twins – Gold Journal of Urology – Accepted for Publication.

20. Robot – Assisted Laparoscopic Ureterourethrostomy For Proximal Ureteral Obstruction in Children – Journal of Pediatric Urology – JPUROL00212.

Papers Published (Non Indexed Journals) :

1. Urodynamics in Augm.ented Bladder – Journal of Scientific Society, J.N. Medical. College – July; 2006

2. Surgical Treatment of Female Stress Incontinence by either TVT Procedure or Bone A…Y1choring – Journal of Scientific Society, J.N. Medical College — July; 2006

3. Laparoscopic Nephrectomy for Pyonephrosis / chronic Pyelonephrites Kidney – Joumal of Scientific Society, J.N. Medical College – Jan. 2007

4. Laparoscopic Seminal Vesiculectorfly – A Case Report – Journal of Scientific Society, J.N. Medical College – Jan. 2007

5. AnOJ:ectal Gist (Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor) Presenting as a Case of Infravesical Obstruction (Indian Journal of Case Reports)

6. Lower Ureteric Diverticulum – A Case Report (Indian Journal of Case Reports}

7. Bipolar Transurethral Resection of Prostate: Safe In comparison to Monopolar Resection – Journal of Scientific Society, J.N. Medical College – Jan. to April 2008; Vol: 35 No 1& 2

8. (J-enital Self-mutilation in Nonpsychotic Heterosexual Males – A Case Report – Journal of Scientific Society, J.N. Medical College – Jan. to April 2008; Val: 35 No 1& 2

9. Sperm Retrieval Rate In Various Testicular Histology Using Needle Aspiration Biopsy (NAB) – Health Science Journal, KLE’s University 8July 2008; Vol:l: No 16

Reviewer of International Journals

1. Concurrent management if bilateral ureteroplevic junction obstruction in children using robotic-assisted laparoscopic surgery – International Braz J. Urol

2. Fluticasone Furoate Nasal Spray in the treatment of Allergic Rhinitis .Dovepress (Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management)

3. Evaluation of continuous Oral Contraceptives – Dovepress (Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management)

4. Concurrent Chagas’ Disease and Borderline disseminated cutaneous leishmaniasis: the role of amiodarone as an anti-trypanosomatidae drug – Dovepress (Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management)

5. Carbamazepine-induced Hyponatremai: Interferon-alpha is a Predisposing Risk factor – a case report of Syndrome of Inappropriate Antidiuresis caused by Interferon – alpha Therapy – Dovepress (Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management)

6. Performance of the OptiMAL dipstick in the diagnosis of malaria infection in pregnancy – Dovepress (Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management)

7. Nutritional Issues in older Adults with Wounds in a Clinical setting Dovepress (Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management)

8. L’l.e Treatment of Grass Pollen Allergy: Focu on a Standardized Grass Allergen Extract – Grazax

Research Activities

1. Effect of Pygeum Africanum (herbal medicine) on symptomatic BPH-2003.

2. Conlparative study between Dutasteride Finesteride in symptomatic BPH- 2004

3. RIRS for renal stones -2004.

4. Flexible Uretroscopy for post ESWL fragements-2004.

5. Results of surgical repair of delayed presentations of penile fractures as against the conservative management-2005

6. Randomized Double Blind Phase II for SIRO (Salvat) 2006

7. Efficacy of Soliferacine over the Antimuscuranie – Ranbaxy 2007

8. Efficacy of ESWL in Pediatric Stone Patients – (University of Minnesota, USA) 2008